Waterproof Storage Bag

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This bike phone bag boasts a highly sensitive touchscreen, robust carbon fiber construction with waterproof zippers, and ample interior space, making it ideal for cyclists seeking easy phone access, weather protection, and storage capacity during long rides. Come rain or shine, it ensures your phone remains within easy reach, keeping it secure and dry. Plus, it provides enough interior space for you to conveniently store your essentials.


  • Sensitive Touchscreen: Features a responsive touchscreen for easy phone access.
  • Carbon Fiber Build: Made from durable carbon fiber material.
  • Waterproof Zippers: Equipped with waterproof zippers for weather protection.
  • Spacious Interior: Offers ample storage space for essentials.


Please read before placing an order.There will be a 10-15 days lead time. They will be shipped from our China Warehouse. 

Put the waterproof storage bag on the top tube, put the phone on the upper layer, and put the items on the lower layer.

(sample photo for Ranger & Ghost e-bikes)