Veefa L1 Electric Bike: Revolutionize Your Outdoor Adventures

Veefa F1 Fat tire electric bike | Ranger ebike

Are you ready to elevate your outdoor experiences? Say hello to Veefa L1, the electric bike expertly crafted by the experienced teams at Velowave and Veefa for adults seeking the ultimate mix of power, performance, and versatility. Whether you're conquering rugged mountain trails or cruising city streets, Veefa offers exhilarating experiences like never before. Let's delve into the world of Veefa step by step.

Unleash Astonishing Energy

At the core of every Veefa L1 bike lies a powerful 750W rear motor, peaking at 1000W, that propels you to speeds of up to 28MPH with pedal assist and 20MPH on throttle alone. While it might resemble other electric bicycles, Veefa distinguishes itself with three versatile riding modes to fully customize your experience: pure electric, pedal assist, and classic bike. The pedal assist mode offers five adjustable gears, seamlessly adapting to your riding environment and preferences.

Veefa L1 750W Motor ebike | 1000W Peak Motor Electric Bike

Endurance Meets Convenience

Embark on long journeys with confidence, thanks to Veefa's robust 48V 13Ah lithium-ion battery. This durable battery delivers an impressive range of over 32 miles in throttle mode, ensuring you never run out of power mid-adventure. Recharging is efficient, taking only 6-7 hours, and the lightweight, removable battery design keeps your adventure going without pause.

Veefa F1 electric bike battery | UL safety

Master Any Terrain

Veefa electric bikes handle diverse terrains with ease, thanks to their Kenda 26" x 4.0" fat tires. From challenging mountain paths to sandy beaches and urban settings, these tires provide exceptional traction and stability, enabling you to venture wherever your heart desires. Furthermore, professional Shimano 7-speed gearing system ensures smooth and precise shifting across any terrain, enhancing your control and efficiency with every pedal stroke.

Redefined Safety and Comfort

Experience the peace of mind that comes with Veefa’s dual hydraulic disc brakes and lockable hydraulic suspension fork. These advanced features offer unmatched stopping power and shock absorption, ensuring a smooth and safe ride, even in the most demanding conditions.

Fat tire ebike | All Terrain Electric Bike


Discover More About Veefa Electric Bikes

  • Weight: Approximately 78 lbs, including the battery.
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: Up to 300 lbs.
  • Illuminating system: 48v LED light


Can’t wait to see your future partner? With Veefa electric bike by your side, the possibilities for exploration are limitless. Experience the freedom to roam like never before and transform every journey into an unforgettable adventure. Join the electric revolution and become a part of the Veefa bikes community — your ultimate adventure companion.

Cool  Fat Tire Electric Bike

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